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Pa-Auk Tawya Academy of Buddha’s Teaching


The Buddha Dispensation has been standing for more than 2500 years, a model
for Sangha’s manner of living that can enhance progresses in Dhammavinaya,
and a model for Monastic-laity interaction that can results in mutual Dhamma
benefits are still found wanting, let alone the systematic approach in meditative
practice that can bring development and purification of the mind, which is still
lacking. Besides historical reasons, communication barriers and scarcity of
chance for acquaintance with the True Dhamma could have been the near
causes for this situation. Therefore, this project carries a hope to offer the
children a good opportunity, to nurture them to be the embodiment of Sangha
Spirit, to master the Pāli Tipitaka and to translate them, to have all-round training
in Pariyatti and Paṭipāṭi, so that they could become capable self-practitioners
and Dhamma propagators, carrying out the duty of the Dispensation, making
one’s life and others’ more wholesome and wise in the aspect of Spiritual
Charity. This is going to be the most meaningful lives for all.


Parallel with traditionally cultured qualities, the project aims to exercise the
practice of Morality, Concentration, Wisdom, and to apply the distinctive features
of Monastic training in Myanmar, in order to provide all-round training in pariyatti
and patipatti to the children, to nurture monastic personnel of virtues and

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