Pa-Auk Society


Is the meditation teaching and training grouped by classes or taught individually?

Meditation instruction is given individually depending on one’s progress. However meditate in group (group sitting) is required unless permitted to sit individually.

How many days for a normal retreat? Should I just inform the expected arrival and departure dates and the centre will check and approve it whenever suitable?

There is no limitation in duration as a single retreat. The centre is opened all-year-round and the meditators can try their best to practice depending on their ability and availablity of the time: few days to/or whole life.
You must fill your expected arrival and departure dates in the application form and yes, the centre will check before approving it based on availability.

What to bring and what are NOT allowed to bring for the trip?

Please visit our main centre’s website at
Please note: Some information may vary for this branch. Also, Pyin Oo Lwin is located in highland and the weather here is colder than the Main Centre.

Which airport is the nearest to Pyin Oo Lwin?

Mandalay Airport is the nearest airport. Detail direction on ‘How to reach the centre’ will be sent to you if needed.

In addition to money for air and bus tickets, how much do I need to prepare for food and accommodation during my stay?

There are no charges for food and accommodation in our centre as the supports are coming from the generous donors. Other expenses are to be met by oneself such as personal necessities, visa extension fees, etc.

Should I bring cash or credit card?

I’m not sure that your credit card can be used in Myanmar.

What about visa application?

Tourist visa allows you to stay not more than 28 days in Myanmar.  Extension is not allowed.  If you want to stay longer, you have to apply Meditation visa (R-visa). We may provide you the related documentations needed for R-visa application after evaluating your application.  Having approved by the Society, R-visa extension can be done without having left Myanmar.